Grand Champion Enigmatic Mr Vain

Mr Vain
At stud is Grand Champion Enigmatic Mr Vain, breed type 37. Mr Vain is at limited stud to queens who have tested negative for FILV and FELV within the 24 hours prior to arrival after the 2011 Supreme Cat Show.

He is out of our late Richdale Tainted Love (24) and Fiordiliso Tigerlily (38N), he has abeautiful temperament and at 9 months of age he gained his first CC. We are expecting a good show career from this wonderful boy and thank both Mr and Mrs Cassar-Simmonds for his dam and Mrs Sylvia Gibbons for his fabulous father Monty. Mr Vain

Show results... Teeside Cat Club, 27th August 2011 - Di brown awards Mr Vain his first CC.

Northern Counties Cat Club, 10th September 2011 - Harry Meekings awards his second CC.

Cumberland Cat Club, 8th October 2011 - bruce bennett awards his third CC and Mr Vain also wins best Oriental in Show.

What the judges said... 1. HARVEY’S ENIGMATIC MR VAIN. M. (37). 9mths A very stylish black oriental male only just 9 m old but very well grown. Good even wedge with a very slight pinch to muzzle, correct bite and moderately strong chin. Large flared ears complementing his wedge. Oriental shaped and set bright green eyes with a real wicked glint. Dense jet black coat sound to the roots with a healthy gloss, short and close lying. So wish I could get this dense jet black colour on my persians. Strong lean body with rump carried higher than shoulders. Long slim legs with long tapering tail - Mrs J. Smith, Teeside Cat Club 27th August 2011.

1. CC. bob. HARVEY'S ENIGMATIC MR VAIN. M. (37) 10mths 2wks. Comely youth with a long, even triangular head, on which large ears are set well in line, oriental, smoky green eyes with a splendidly threatening expression beneath emphatic brows. profile nearly straight, pleasing depth of muzzle, level bite. Long lithe firm body, still adolescent, lengthy slender limbs and tail. Good short, close lying coat, sleek, sound black. promising - Dr bruce bennet, Cumberland Cat Club, 8th October 2011.

Thank you to all our judges for liking our boy as much as we do, and what a credit he is to Monty, the late Richdale Tainted Love, and to Fiordiliso Tigerlily

Mr Vain full pedigree